As we get closer and closer to the Festive Season where a lot of people will be leaving their homes for the December Holidays, it’s always a good time to ensure we remember to safeguard our possessions we leave behind. One such possession being our motor vehicle.

Before leaving your precious asset, ensure that it is clean inside and out, dry and no bird droppings are on the paint work (droppings, sap and fruit splatters can eat into the paint work if left for a long time.

If you are able park your car near a power source, one can connect the battery to a smart charger. This will only charge your battery if required and it will not risk over charging.

If your car is in safe and secure environment, you can leave the windows slightly open to keep air circulation through the vehicle.

If you are leaving your car in safe and secure off-road environment, and on a level surface, chock all four wheels and disengage the handbrake – this will prevent the pads becoming stuck to the discs and causing damage – MAKE SURE the car is stable and no chance of rolling forward or backward.

If going away for a very long time, it can be a good idea to remove the battery and store it in a cool dry place. Battery terminals and clamps can be lightly coated with petroleum jelly to stop corrosion and rusting. Before doing this, if your car has a tracking system, check with your service provider how this will affect the tracker.

Check tyre pressures before leaving the vehicle. Correct tyre pressure will help prevent cracking of side walls from continuous pressure on the same spot

Check your coolant has been topped up.

Fill up your petrol tank – this is the best way to prevent any interior rusting of your petrol tank from long term storage.

On your return, if you need to replace your battery, jump start your car or have any doubts on how to reconnect your battery – CALL A PROFESSIONAL to ensure that it is done properly and have a diagnostic done on the battery to ensure it has not degraded over the time you have been away

CKB ROAD ASSIST wish you all happy holidays and that you return home to a healthy vehicle.

And if not, give us a call.

Any time, any day – and we will be there to get your car running again as it should.

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HELP – When you need it most


Always make sure you travel with an emergency triangle (It IS required by  law). These should be placed 45m away from the rear of the broken-down vehicle.

If you have enough space in your vehicle, carry an emergency light (one that has at least 4 to 8 LED bulbs that can pulse/flash). This creates more awareness for traffic approaching you from the rear.

If it is possible, and safe to do so, pull the car over to the hard shoulder or emergency lane as far as possible, off the driving lanes and put your hazard lights on IMMEDIATELY.

Exit the car from the side of the car where there is least traffic flow (this will be from the passenger side of the car if you have managed to pull it off the road into the emergency lane).

Never put your back to the traffic, always stand so you can see the approaching traffic and are able to move out the way should the need arise

Try and call for professional assistance wherever possible instead of placing yourself in the flow of traffic. If you are waiting for assistance, try NOT to wait inside the car (unless there is nowhere safe you can wait (garage, shop etc). The amount of accidents that occur where motorists crash into stranded vehicles is staggering.

When Roadside Assistance arrives, follow the same procedures as in 2 and let the Roadside Assistance Provider make the scene safe.

Once the problem has been rectified, enter the vehicle on the same side as you exited and ensure that it is clear before re-entering the flow of traffic

 May you have many miles of motoring pleasure and be safe and at ease knowing that where needed, CKB Road Assist will be there for you, wherever and whenever you call.

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HELP – When you need it most


Breakdowns don’t always happen in the best places. And like so many things, it can happen to any one, any time.

The number one priority after having experienced a Roadside Breakdown is to ensure your personal safety along with those in the car with you. And there are different ways of doing this:

Firstly, if there is a safe place for you to wait at such as a 24 hour garage, then rather wait for help there than at, or in your vehicle.

Place your emergency triangle 20 meters behind your vehicle, turn on your hazards and lock your doors.

Proceed to the safe waiting place and call for assistance. If you are unable to locate a waiting spot such as a 24 hour garage and your car is OFF the travel lanes of the road, then wait inside the car with the doors locked.

However be alert and vigilant in your surroundings and keep a constant look out for cars approaching from behind you and for anything suspicious.

If your car is unable to be moved safely form the travel lanes, and you have placed your emergency triangle out and put your hazards in, where possible, wait away from the car and safely off the road surface.

Approaching cars can easily not see the stationary vehicle and in the event there is a collision, you need to be well clear of the vehicle.

On the arrival of the Roadside Assistance, where possible remain away from the road edge and allow the technician or tow truck operator to carry out their work.

ALWAYS remember your safety comes first

And ALWAYS remember, CKB ROAD ASSIST is but a call away. With a roadside repair rate of 98,7% we will have you back on the road in no time

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HELP – When you need it most